HELENA — The Montana Supreme Court restored the state’s century-old ban on direct spending by corporations on political candidates or committees in a ruling Friday that interest groups say bucks a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court decision granting political speech rights to corporations…

A group seeking to undo the Citizens United decision lauded the Montana high court, with its co-founder saying it was a “huge victory for democracy.”

"With this ruling, the Montana Supreme Court now sets up the first test case for the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit its Citizens United decision, a decision which poses a direct and serious threat to our democracy," John Bonifaz, of Free Speech For People, said in a statement.

—   This makes me incredibly proud of my home state.  Montana is the first state in the union to give the finger to corporations and say, no, fuck you, democracy isn’t up for sale.  Campaign finance reform is the only issue that matters - everything else depends upon it, everything - and Montana’s thrown the first punch in what’s probably going to be our second Civil War, one way or another.
  • 5 January 2012
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